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‘Discover Another Kyoto’ has introduced a new bespoke itinerary to introduce the region of Keihoku, a stunning mountainous area located in the northern part of the Kyoto prefecture just 90 minutes by road from the city centre and linking the Sea of Japan to the old capital.

Rarely seen by tourists, Keihoku holds true to the philosophy of Satoyama: co-existing in harmony with nature by nurturing a sustainable way of living. Immersing themselves into an authentic Keihoku way of life, a variety of Satoyama experiences involving local residents are available for international visitors to the region.

Visitors are able to gain a full understanding of the culture by participating in workshops led by local craftsmen including making pottery, meditation at the Zen temple and cooking classes where guests learn to make traditional sushi and noodles.

The luxuries of the modern world are also included for those who wish to blend the two lifestyles. Visitors can extend their day trip with a 2 or 3-night stay in either an authentic thatched farmhouse, a traditional ryokan (also featuring a bar) and a nature lodge located within a riverside forest, complete with a tennis court.

The city of Kyoto also boasts many other attractions and World Heritage Sites. The Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, Fushimi Inari Shrine, Philosopher’s Path, Kinkaku-ji Temple and Gion – the best geisha district are just a few of the renowned destinations within the ancient city. Taking the road less travelled visitors to Keihoku will experience very different Japanese traditions.

‘Discover Another Kyoto’ offer personalised itineraries ranging from food to nature, art, cultural life and history across the Kyoto prefecture. Other Keihoku experiences include sake tasting at a 120-year-old brewery which uses water from the Keihoku mountains and rice from the adjacent padi fields in its production, visiting Josho Koji temple (founded by an emperor who later became a monk) and its sprawling 12,000 square metres grounds and exploring the vibrant art scene on a meet and greet circuit of artists at their studios. For active adventurers to Keihoku, a 90-minute trek along a serene nature trail of giant cedar and cypress trees leads to the hidden Takimata waterfall to swim.

‘Discover Another Kyoto’ one-day experiences are available for a minimum of two people starting from £80.00 per person. A 2-night stay starts from £240.00 per person and a 3-night stay from £372.00 per person. For an exclusive, private stay guests can rent a traditional thatched farmhouse, with prices starting from £386.00 per person for a 2-night stay and £598.00 for a 3-night stay.

Further information on Keihoku can be found on the official Kyoto City travel guide website: www.kyoto.travel and the ‘Discover Another Kyoto’ website: www.ennmk.com

About ‘Discover Another Kyoto’:
The founders of ‘Discover Another Kyoto’ are a group of well-travelled young Japanese, who, after being fascinated by the Japanese countryside, decided to leave their lives in the mega cities behind to settle down to a more sustainable lifestyle among the Keihoku mountains.

City of Kyoto Visitors Hosts (KVH):
Specialist interpreters, KVH are armed with knowledge on history, culture, and traditional industries as well as Kyoto’s other charms, from its products to the residents and their way of life. KVH are the ideal companion for international travellers holidaying in the city. For more information visit: www.kyotovisitorshost.com

The cultural capital of Japan, Kyoto has 17 UNESCO World Heritage sites and is renown for its outstanding scenes of natural beauty and authentic Japanese culture and experiences.

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