Mantis is a leading, conservation-focused, hotel group with luxury hotels, eco-lodges, waterways and impact experiences located across the globe. Whether on a sweeping African plain or in the middle of the rainforests of Costa Rica, conscious and sustainable travellers can enjoy responsible tourism, conservation and adventure through one-of-a-kind travel experiences with the Mantis Collection.

Spotl1ght is working with the Mantis team to support their sustainability goals through the Mantis Impact Experiences division, as well as through the Mantis and Accor foundation, Community Conservation Fund Africa (CCFA). A key objective is to ensure that tourism is instrumental in changing the conservation crisis. Mantis and the CCFA together, strive to show how conscious travel is about human rights and sustaining communities, not just about environmentalism.

Properties set to open in 2021 are in locations including Rwanda, Cape Verde and Tanzania. Other properties are based in Nigeria, Namibia and Botswana, Southern Africa and St Helena island, Costa Rica and London.

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